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The business explored since the Year of 2003 operated in lines of agriculture commodities especially fruits and vegetables, by emphasizing on high enough quality to fulfill the consumers’ need. In the beginning, it just only supplied some kinds of fruits and vegetables locally as well as import, by giving priority to high quality standard to fulfill the need of star hotels in Bali.

Now by the increasing of the market/consumers’ demands, UD PRIMA AGRO produces by itself papaya fruit kind of Bangkok planted in selected farm land to defense high standard quality in order to fulfill the demands of the consumers especially star hotels.


Having the aim to improve UD. PRIMA AGRO systematically and programmed to become a strong, foremost company and position it strategically in trading business and products in the line of agriculture.


  1. The improvement of human resources’ quality in accordance with the culture and tradition of the company, which may create high work ethic and sense of belonging and creative.
  2. Management based on efficient and effective principles that may achieve high result to develop business and the improvement of the employees’ welfare.
  3. To have the effort to develop quality and production services in order to have similar high standard that may fulfill costumers/clients’ demands.
  4. To develop supervisory continually to costumers or buyers to have strong permanent business partners and to enlarge unlimited market net work.


Starting point of this business started from post Bomb Bali I. whereas at that time almost all economic activities in Bali fell down especially the activities related to tourism sectors. It was signaled by declining of the tourisms coming internationally as well as domestically.

By the declining of the tourisms coming, caused upon the number of accommodations for hotels that drastically declined, even there were hotels that achieved of 0% without accommodating of tourisms internationally or locally. The declining of the number of this accommodation had the effect on service activities/supporting business of the said hotel activities, among them were supplying business of all of the hotels’ need such as food, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Therefore, post Bomb Bali I there were lots of entrepreneurs of hotel needs suppliers experienced with the decreasing of sales, even there were also experienced bankruptcy. Going from the said situation, in the year of 2003 that formerly used the name of UD BALI PRIMA MANDIRI and now is using the name of UD PRIMA AGRO explored the business of hotel’s needs supplier. Whereas at that time it just only supplied high quality fruits to various hotels especially star hotels.

Now, by more and more tourism industries in Bali, UD PRIMA AGRO continues experiences the increasing of demands not only form star hotels but also from tourism ships and caterings and exports fruit to Taiwan country. Next development will be not only supplied fruits but also for various kinds of fruits locally as well as import and vegetables. By the advance of the demands now UD PRIMA AGRO establishes new business by its name PRIMA FARM with the activities to have the effort for its own fruits planting fruits in selected areas that are very fertile and are very fit for fruit plantation especially Bangkok papaya in the region of Banyuwangi, East Java, it is planned that next development not only papaya fruit but also other fruits and various vegetable plantations in Malang, East Java, Bedugul, Bali, and other regions.


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